She’ll Be Rolling In The Evergreen

Meet Presley Pritchard, formerly of Evergreen Fire Rescue in Montana. Presley takes good care of herself and spends a lot of time in the gym. Ironically, she’ll likely own many gyms in the near future.

In her complaint filed Jan. 2 with the Montana Human Rights Bureau, Presley Pritchard alleged she also suffered multiple instances of sexual harassment during her nearly three-year career with Evergreen and was asked to take down social media posts showing her in workout and firefighter gear, while others in the department faced no such recourse.

“… Several male employees in the department have photos of themselves in uniforms and turnouts in front of fire trucks and at the department on their social media accounts,” Pritchard’s complaint states. “Importantly, Evergreen Fire Department does not have a social media policy and never has. I was directly targeted due to how I looked in my gym attire at a public gym.”

There it is. If the department has no social media policy, how can they legitimately terminate her for posting photos on social media?

Prior to her termination, the department issued Pritchard verbal and then written warnings that she had utilized taxpayer resources for her own benefit, posted a photo taken at the scene of an accident and refused to take down posts depicting Evergreen Fire equipment and resources when asked to do so.

Now maybe it’s just me, but my department encourages its officers to be in the best shape possible. Would Evergreen rather their firefighters and medics be overweight slobs who get winded climbing into a fire truck? This is a stupid move by Evergreen, which will cost them dearly.

4 thoughts on “She’ll Be Rolling In The Evergreen

  1. TX Nick – If she makes $100,000 it’s a win for her.

    Cathy – Yeah, these photos were rather tame. Some of her Instagram pics are amazing. (Although I’m not a fan of the arm sleeve tattoos.)

    Ronni – I think so, too. I’m sure there will be a policy in place by the end of the month.


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