Thank You, And Come Again?

Thousands of Indian men stormed New Delhi’s all-women’s Gargi College and decided the institution needed a little Gomorrah. I realize much of India is dirty and disgusting, but I never realized many of the man are trash.

Reports that large crowds of men sexually harassed and abused students at a women’s college in the Indian capital of New Delhi last week has sparked an outcry and protests there.

The men barged onto the Gargi College campus in South Delhi last Thursday, on the final day of a school festival, allegedly molesting and sexually assaulting the female students en masse, according to a statement issued by the General Body of Students.

Well, if nothing else, these animals will serve very long prison senten-

The student group said that “thousands” of men jumped the gates of the university, descended onto the campus and damaged property, while police and non-teaching staff stood by and did nothing.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the New Delhi police are armed with handguns – and possibly scimitars – and these pieces of filth just stood there and let the assaults occur? Cripes, my son singlehandedly stopped an assault with nothing more than his scrawny arms and his potty mouth!

4 thoughts on “Thank You, And Come Again?

  1. TX Nick – Kyle and Erik have more than a few Indian friends they met in grade school. All have gone there, and all have expressed the same concerns you likely had.

    Plus, Kyle sent me this hilarious meme…


  2. Stories like this seem to be common over there. But I currently work in the town with largest East Indian population in the US and I have never seen or heard disrespectful behavior towards women. Maybe it is because most of the Americanized Indian women will straight up F them up if they try that stuff here.


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