A Humble Request

It’s rare that I ask for any personal favors here – with the exception of tracking down Vica Kerekes’ phone number – but today is different.

You see, Kyle’s lacrosse team has just put out a fundraiser for their season-long expenses. Unlike Division I schools – and many Division II schools – the Division III athletic programs usually need to self-finance. Kyle gets a helmet, gloves, and a uniform, but his pads, cleats, and sticks are bought out of his own pocket. Many schools try to raise money once a year for things like transportation to and from games, food allowances on the road, and a few other minor perks.

This year, the team’s “Spring Break” will be spent in Michigan, and for a while, it looked as if they would be taking a bus there. Thankfully, some money came in from the area to pay for airfare.

Every player – there are only seventeen – was asked to raise $500 a piece to help out. Currently, Kyle’s page is close to $200, so if anyone could throw a few bucks his way, we would all greatly appreciate it. Kyle’s page can be found here, along with a photo or two of the boy.

If you can contribute, thank you. If not, that’s fine as well. Kyle sent out an email to our friends and relatives, so I wanted to mention it here on the blog as well.

UPDATE: The fundraiser lasts until March 17th in case you’d like to help out.

24 thoughts on “A Humble Request

  1. Kitty – Thanks. Kyle hates doing things like this, but it’s kinda mandatory, so he was sending out emails to the family the other day.

    Ed – Thank you very much!


    1. If I donate, can I win this week’s Weekend Caption Contest?


      1. How in the hell did this end up as a reply to a comment?

        I do not know how the internet tubes work.

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  2. RG – Thank you. I think the last time I asked for something like this was when Getty was suing me for posting one of their photos. We had a bigger audience back then, and you guys put in half of the $1,500 fine. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.


      1. I’m paranoid about posting photos here now. I always check to make sure it’s not a Getty pic. There is a great photo of Kyle – top left of the collage at the donation link – that was captured at his last game. I don’t want to post it here because I don’t want the photo to get mad at me. I did thank him for the fabulous photo, though.


  3. Ronni – Thank you! Not exactly the Spring Break trip he was hoping for, but the team tries to play games close to home for the seniors so their family can see them play. One senior is from northern Michigan.


  4. Tossed in some of my loose change as well. Hope he enjoys his time in Michigan. I grew up in Michigan and am a Michigan State grad. Been stuck in the socialist republic of Illinois for 35 years now but go back to Michigan every chance I get.


  5. Hound – Thank you very much! Kyle’s never been there, so it’s another state he can check off his list. Michigan State is one of his favorite football teams – with TCU and LSU – of all time. He has three Spartans t-shirts at home, and constantly tells me how much the Wolverines suck. 🙂


    1. Will this get me a “get out of jail free” card? 😀

      No worries about me ever needing 1 as I’m too old to do the things I did in my youth.


    1. Agreed. Thank you all! The target was $500 for each player, but if you feel like giving a few bucks, if you haven’t already, feel free. The link is open for a while.

      But seriously, you guys are the greatest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  6. We should probably try to double it.

    You just know there’s going to be slackers who won’t get their share.


    1. His high school team was like that. Most players did the minimum, but a lot didn’t bother raising anything. It wasn’t like the money was going to the school. It was going to their specific team.


  7. Kitty – Probably a good idea. I’m glad Kyle got over $500 because there are times when the coach was not entirely happy with him at practices. Going over the minimum amount will make him look good.

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