I’m Smart And I Want Respect!

The Democratic presidential front-runner was tricked into thinking Swedish climate twat Greta Thunberg wanted to endorse his candidacy by producing a rap video with Kanye West.

Russian pranksters claim they called U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pretending to be climate activist Greta Thunberg and offered Thunberg’s support to his campaign.

Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, who have fooled many high-profile victims around the world, posted a recording of the phone call on YouTube. The call itself took place in early December, but the duo decided to release it more than two months later because of Sanders’ success in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The 78-year-old Sanders suggests that ‘Greta’ make a statement in his support and that they do an event together when she next comes to the U.S. ‘I would be really appreciative,’ he says. ‘Greta’ then proposes to record ‘a cool rap’ song in support of Sanders together with ‘singer Billie Eilish and rapper Kanye West.’

That’s a great idea. Sanders can take the moniker “I’ve Got The Runs DNC.”

5 thoughts on “I’m Smart And I Want Respect!

  1. Kitty – I think it’s AMC which is playing the Godfather films today. I caught the part where Michael kills the cop. Such a great scene.

    Ronni – Earlier Rush was saying it looks like Bernie will be the nominee. Oh, please, please please.


  2. Forget anything about his ideology or level of intelligence. This is a guy who is basically the walking dead. He’s had a heart attack already and he’s freakin’ old. Who wants a walking dead guy? That said, who wants a walking dead, stupid communist?


  3. RG – I believe he’ll be 79 when he enters office – if he wins. So you’re looking at an 83 year old president at the end of his first term. Reagan was 78 when he LEFT office, and people said he was too old for the office when he was 70.

    Like it or not, the Democratic Party is the party of old, white men.


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