Seal Team Chicks

A group of New York City mothers have banded together to combat crime in parts of Manhattan, after a playground shooting woke them up to life in the Big Apple.

A band of Manhattan moms are trading luncheons and playdates for political lobbying and police meetings — all in the name of protecting their kids from rising crime, bail-reform loopholes, aggressive panhandlers, and what they see as a general return of lawlessness.

The 2,600-mother movement formed on the Upper West Side in the fall, when a string of high-profile muggings and a playground shooting put the family-oriented neighborhood on edge — and one woman decided to do something about it.

After the October gunplay at the Samuel N. Bennerson II Playground, [Elizabeth] Carr put out a call to action on various parent Facebook groups, and “NYC Moms for Safer Streets” was born.

Living so close to New York, I can tell you how insulated most Manhattanites are when it comes to local crime. Most people, especially the wealthy, either don’t notice or don’t care because it rarely affects them. The playground shooting changed all that, and while it’s about time they woke up, I salute them for trying to make a difference.

4 thoughts on “Seal Team Chicks

  1. It will be interesting to see how far they get and what gets accomplished with the NY liberals and their sanctuary cities, etc.


    1. True, I’m betting the lefty governing elite will do everything it can to squash this. Can’t have moms standing up to the governing elite can we!? People might get the idea that those idiots are doing more harm than good!


  2. Ronni – Agreed. They’ll still grab on to their leftist ideologies, but hopefully the shooting will wake a few up from their lifelong slumber.

    William – Especially with de Blasio in office.


  3. The same thing was true in Chicago – about the wealthy being oblivious to crime, because it didn’t impact them. That changed in the past few years. Carjacking in Streeterville, one of the more expensive neighborhoods became the norm. (That where all the Mercedes are!)

    And the general increase in crime on The Magnificent Mile, in Lakeview, and other neighborhoods. They can’t ignore it anymore. Not that they have done much. (Bail reform is happening in a big way in Chicago.)


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