The Sword And The Groan

In a little more than two hours, I will be lying on an examination table with my pants around my ankles, bracing for pain.

In other words, a normal Saturday night for Alyssa Milano.

Today is my prostate biopsy – the second in fifteen months. My prostate specific antigens (PSAs) are high, and the doctor wants to make sure nothing down there is pulling in to Cancertown. I’m actually not worried about a cancer diagnosis, but I am deeply concerned about the biopsy. It is literally the most excruciating procedure I have ever gone through, and I am not looking forward to it.

For the first time in my life, I will follow doctor’s orders and take it easy for the next day or two. I likely won’t be around the blog much today, but I will have posts up for your reading displeasure.

Also, if you could ask The Big Guy for a favor, I would rally like to avoid cancer.

5 thoughts on “The Sword And The Groan

  1. Prayers ascending your way. BTW, you made me laugh out loud with the Alyssa Milano comment. Pretty accurate if you ask me. Hang in there.


  2. RG – Thanks. A woman who has the world by the balls, and she’s always screeching about politics. Get a grip, lady.

    Mike47 – I survived. It was slightly better than the first one, but very unpleasant. And a lot of blood afterward. So hooray.

    Ronni – The best part about it was it went by very fast. First one seemed to drag. This one was maybe five minutes. Painful, but not as bad as the first.

    TX Nick – Tomorrow I have to return to the eye doc for a glaucoma test and Friday is the Daddy/Daughter dance. I already told Julia I won’t be picking her up or really fast dancing. Gotta rest for a few days.


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