Running Scared

The American dating scene is quickly deteriorating into madness. Colleges are opening Title IX investigations at a mere accusation of sexual assault or rape, police reports are being filed after seemingly consensual sexual acts, and men and women are scared to even say hello to someone of the opposite sex.

Now lawyers are claiming written and videotaped consent may not be enough to stop possible criminal charges.

Some attorneys say written and recorded sexual consent can be the only way for people to defend themselves against accusations of rape. Advocates say that as a standard, it falls woefully short.

Two Ohio State University football players, Amir Riep, 21, and Jahsen Wint, 21, were arrested last week after being accused of kidnapping and raping a 19-year-old woman. The next day, head coach Ryan Day announced he dismissed the two from the team.

Columbus police said in an affidavit that Riep told the victim to say the encounter was consensual on a video recording. That recording was recovered.

I’ve mentioned this to Kyle and I will do the same to Erik, Kevin, and Julia when they’re old enough to date. There are far too many legitimate cases of assault and rape out there – especially on college campuses – but there are plenty of people who file reports because they have next-day regret.

Personally, I would be happy if Kyle ignored every girl on campus. I don’t trust them, and I don’t trust their motives – even at a Catholic university. It only takes one false accusation to ruin someone’s life, and there is no place to go to get your reputation repaired.

4 thoughts on “Running Scared

  1. The sexual climate was heady enough when I grew up, and we didn’t have scantily clad cheerleaders — y’know, like in that picture — making it worse.


    1. True. In the 90s, I noticed toddlers’ and little girls’ clothing looked slut-ish. I found it difficult to find decent clothing for little girls — and toddlers. I wanted them to look like toddlers and little girls. I still find it amazing that the slut-ish clothing sells.


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