Buy Stock In Popcorn

Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders rolled to an easy victory in the Nevada caucuses, solidifying him as the Democratic Socialist front-runner. At this point, Sanders is likely to win the nomination, and that made the snowflakes at MSNBC very unhappy.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders looks to be the winner of the Nevada caucuses, and MSNBC pundits don’t seem to be thrilled by the news. Sanders and MSNBC have been at odds before, with the candidate and his supporters often accusing the network of being anti-Sanders.

Chris Matthews compared Sanders’ electoral success to France’s fall to Nazi Germany in World War II.

In another viral clip, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace compared President Donald Trump and Sanders, accused them of using “dark arts” on the media, and called supporters a “squeaky, angry minority.”

Like most leftists, the “talent” at MSNBC knows a Bernie Sanders candidacy will be a disaster, and while you would think journalists – giggle – would be able to simply report the news instead of editorializing their displeasure.

5 thoughts on “Buy Stock In Popcorn

  1. Cathy – That’s brilliant!

    TX Nick – Don’t get complacent, though. We need to get enough votes to beat the cheating.

    Proof – Oh, I have no doubt in my mind.


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