Wonder Why French People Smell?

Apparently it’s because their train toilets dispense waste straight onto the railroad tracks.

This is an ultra short video of the bathroom aboard a SNCF train in France with a toilet that just empties onto the tracks below via a short pipe. Simple enough. I also like to imagine this is how the toilets on planes are too and I’ve peed all over the country from 30,000 feet. It’s the little things, you know?

Keep going for the video while I throw out the collection of unusual rocks I’ve collected on train tracks.

Now I’m not a smart man, but hasn’t France had plumbing for, I don’t know, at least ten years now? Is it that difficult to place running toilets on trains, because I know I’ve seen them here in America once or twice. Jesus France, get your shit together!

The video is below the fold…

6 thoughts on “Wonder Why French People Smell?

  1. They need these toilets in San Fransisco, Portland, and many other left wing cities. The city fathers, mothers, and non-binary staff would feel much better when domicile challenged citizens weren’t pooping right on the street, they could poop in these kind of toilets and “flush” their waste away. This looks like a good capitalistic venture in which to invest money. Let’s name them after a famous politician from one of these cities. How about the Harvey Milk memorial poopers.

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  2. “Passengers will please refrain
    From flushing toilets while the train
    Is in the station. Darling, I love you!
    We encourage constipation
    While the train is in the station
    Moonlight always makes me think of you.
    If the woman’s room be taken,
    Never feel the least forsaken,
    Never show a sign of sad defeat.
    Try the men’s room in the hall,
    And if some man has had the call,
    He’ll courteously relinquish you his seat.
    If these efforts all are vain,
    Then simply break a window pane-
    This novel method used by very few.
    We go strolling through the park
    Goosing statues in the dark,
    If Sherman’s horse can take it, why can’t you?”


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