It’s A Babe Day

I’ll be honest, I have no post ideas, I’m still kinda stressed out, and I really don’t feel like posting anything of significance. That said, I’m doing my own personal Sunday Services today; just pics, no story.

Slovak actress Vica Kerekes is above, and Slovak skeet shooter Danka Bartekova is below.

I’m saving the semi-interesting posts for tomorrow since I took the day off for the biopsy results.

5 thoughts on “It’s A Babe Day

  1. She’s using a Perazzi shotgun. My grandson uses a Kolar. I was amazed at how many girls compete in skeet & clays.


  2. TX Nick – It’ll be nothing. I feel fine, and no problems with the plumbing. The downside is I’ll still probably have to get a biopsy every year. So that will be fun.

    I have posts set for tomorrow but I’ll let everyone know what happened when I get home.


  3. Wyatt, trust me when I tell you after having tonsils, gallbladder and uterus removed along with two total knee replacements and rotator cuff surgery, I have more parts missing than those cheap Thanksgiving turkeys! Just keep moving forward, my friend.


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