Free And Clear… For Another Six Months

After sitting in a waiting room for an hour – the office computers all crashed – I finally received my biopsy results. The biopsy samples were benign. I guess that means there was at least the appearance of a small tumor? I’m a detective, not a doctor.

Since this is another win, I’d like to quote Sterling Archer, “Lana, I’ve never had a death wish, it’s just that I don’t believe that I personally even can die.”

I still have to see the urologist for tests every six months because my Prostate Specific Antigens (PSAs) are still higher than normal, and I’m sure this isn’t my final prostate biopsy, but if they catch cancer early, it’s more treatable.

I don’t get it. I’m sitting at 184 pounds, I go to the gym every other day, and I’m in the best shape in twenty-five years. Why is this happening?

I took a moment to break down in the car after I heard the news. I think it was the culmination of all the recent stress. Thank you all for the prayers and well-wishes.

16 thoughts on “Free And Clear… For Another Six Months

  1. I’ve been waiting for the good news all day. I’m really happy for you!

    Time to destress and relax a bit, I hope?


  2. Hey! Some good news to this crappy day. This is great. More than great. Don’t worry about your health, I make up for you the opposite way, so it all balances out. Maybe I can get some of your “healthy.”


  3. Ronni – I’d appreciate it. Doc said the prostate is still larger than it should be, but not much, and I’ll be a regular customer there for likely the rest of my life.

    Mike47 – I’m a horrible person usually, but I’ll take good news occasionally.

    Kitty – Amen to that. And no, no fainting, but I have a story about the waiting room for the tomorrow or the next day.

    Veeshir – Friday was horrible. Today is better. I would have replied to comments earlier, but the kids had karate. Biopsies take a back seat to martial arts.

    Proof – Only if it was taken by a young Beverly Crusher.

    Jim – Thanks. I’m not out of the woods. I just passed this test.

    Jenn – I spent almost my entire day on PlayStation. I’m off the next two days, and that will be filled with the gym, and literally nothing. I’m just gonna lie around and be a bum.

    RG – Worst part about it was the doc had to pull up the results. He’s so busy he really knew when I knew. It’s frightening.


  4. Oh, and here’s something else to make your day:

    Chris Mathews retired today (made the announcement at the start of his show)

    Both Buttegig & Frau Blucher dropped out of the race. Bernie wanted them to endorse him, but instead they threw their support to Creepy Joe (so did Beato)


    1. Oh, and CM not only retired, he walked off the show during a commercial break, leaving his co-host sitting there looking dumber that a box of hair.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. No cancer of the butthole? Great news! I knew you were a perfect @$$. Oopsie! I meant HAVE a perfect one. 🙂

    Congrats on the good results. Stay safe, my Friend.


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