California Set To Screw Pr0n Stars

The People’s Republic of California is putting forth a bill which would force pr0n stars to be fingerprinted and to obtain work licenses for boinking people on camera.

Porn stars in California have blasted a bill proposed by two state Democrats which would require adult entertainers to be fingerprinted and obtain a work license before stripping off in front of the camera.

AB 2389 was introduced by Assembly Members Cristina Garcia and Lorena Gonzalez to the California Legislature last Tuesday in a bid to increase education and regulation in the X-rated industry.

Of course this legislation was penned by women, and both of these politicians look exactly as you would expect. I did the dirty work so you guys don’t have to lose your sight.

An initial draft of the bill proposed that each performer would pay for and complete training every three years, educating them on ‘reporting workplace injuries’, ‘how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases’ and ‘resources for assistance’.

So what, are these men and women going to dress in their Sunday best, sit inside a classroom for eight hours every year and learn how to screw properly? I’m fairly certain these performers are adept at reporting workplace injuries.

It’s not like Johnny Hardbody would fracture his penis and simply rub some dirt on it. Little Cherry Forever isn’t going to simply walk home after her uterus falls out. Give these people some credit!

5 thoughts on “California Set To Screw Pr0n Stars

  1. I couldn’t help but laugh at your last paragraph. Just when you think things can’t get any more ridiculous; someone proves you wrong.


  2. Neither I , nor my first ex-wife, were very adept at boompsinging at first. But we kept at it, trying to get better, and we proved the old saying, “Practice makes pregnant, you know.”


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