Hillary At The Bat

A federal judge has determined former presidential loser, and current alcoholic, Hillary Clinton must appear for a deposition regarding her home-brewed e-mail server.

The move was initiated by Judicial Watch, after they filed a lawsuit against the despicable hag.

A federal judge on Monday ordered Hillary Clinton to appear for a deposition as part of a lawsuit filed by the watchdog group Judicial Watch, saying in a ruling that the former secretary of state’s written responses so far in the case have “left many more questions than answers” about her decision to use a private email system while in office.

Judge Royce Lamberth also granted Judicial Watch permission to depose Cheryl Mills, a top aide to Clinton at the State Department.

Oh, that’s rich. Hillary has very little power anymore, so Mills turning on Clinton is not as far-fetched as you would imagine.

Lamberth first ordered discovery in the lawsuit in December 2018 to determine whether Clinton used a private email system at Foggy Bottom in order to skirt the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

An FBI investigation of Clinton’s private email network showed that she and several top aides sent and received hundreds of emails containing classified information about State Department matters.

But Russia! Or something. It’s about time someone gets to the bottom of Hillary’s criminality, and maybe this time, the traitorous Deep State bastards won’t be able to save her.

8 thoughts on “Hillary At The Bat

  1. I agree that she will claim selective amnesia. And, of course, anyone who tells the truth about her will end up dead so there is that to deal with also.

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  2. Mike47 – Yep, and she’ll get away with it… again.

    Cathy – Pretty bold decision by the judge, Hope he carries a gun or two.

    Ronni – Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.


  3. Off topic, but sorta related to criminal demoncraps:

    Vallerie Jarret, the Farsi Ferret, has said whoever gets the demoncrap nomination should select a “woman of color” as a running mate.

    I wonder who she has in mind. (As Bill Cosby once said, “Riiiiiiiight!”)


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