Kyle’s first two lacrosse games did not go as well as he would like. Their schedule began with Huntingdon College (AL) and Hendrix College (AR); two very powerful teams. They were outscored in those games by a combined score of 41-3.

Tuesday was a chance to get back on track against New York’s Hilbert College.

The University of Dallas men’s lacrosse team produced a six-goal run in the final 10 minutes of Tuesday’s game versus Hilbert College. Already having surpassed its season total of goals at the start of the last quarter with seven, Dallas (0-3) rallied back with a trio of goals in two minutes and put another three goals from 4:10 to 2:12 left to nip a 14-7 gap to 14-13.

The issue with Kyle’s team isn’t talent; it’s manpower. In lacrosse, each team has ten players on the field at a time. Kyle’s squad has fifteen players on the entire roster, so Kyle plays approximately fifty-five minutes of a sixty-minute game. That’s not an excuse, just a point of reference…

But here’s where it gets good.

[Tommy] Chadwick propelled that momentum forward with a ground ball on the faceoff win that set Gibbions up for his first hat trick of the year and got Jameson the assist. Kyle Goodwin (Philadelphia, Pa.) rounded out the scoring with his first collegiate [goal].

I posted the UD recap because Kyle wanted to get out a correction. He did not score that goal. He set it up with an assist. Kyle received a pass from the goaltender, ran seventy yards toward Hilbert’s goal, and dished a beautiful pass to Austin Gibbons, who scored.

Kyle said Austin ran to him, and the statisticians thought Kyle took the shot. Kyle doesn’t like taking credit for things he hasn’t done, and further, he said the pass was better than any goal he’s ever scored. The boy is going to send me the video when he gets it.

Any hoo…

In the remaining two minutes, Dallas started with the next possession by winning the faceoff only to turn the ball over to the Hawks. A turnover gave the ball back to the home squad in the last 1:21 minutes. Travis Kilanowski got called for slashing with 22 seconds to give the Crusaders a man-up opportunity. Dallas was 0-for-2 on penalties, while HC went 2-for-4 on its chances with an extra man. Goodwin had a saved shot in the final 11 ticks on the game clock. Gibbons fired the last two shots with one wide and then had his last second attempt saved up high to prevent the game-tying chance that would have forced overtime.

Kyle gets really angry after he loses a game; been like that since kindergarten. This loss was different. He said he was disappointed he didn’t score at the last minute, but he was impressed by the team’s comeback. Kyle also told me this was the most fun in a game he ever had – and that’s spanning a thirteen-year career.

Dallas plays Franciscan University (OH) Tuesday, which should be a very competitive game.

Oh, in case anyone cares, Kyle has started all three games so far, and has tallied one assist, seven ground ball scoops, six turnovers, four caused turnovers, six shots, and three shots on goal. Unfortunately he’s 2-34 in faceoffs, most against the powerhouses Huntingdon and Hendrix.

Either way, not bad for a skinny freshman from Philadelphia.

Oh, Kyle found the video of his run. The quality of the video is not great, but it give you an idea.

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