True Detective Stories

Yesterday was my first day back to work. I’m on the night shift for two weeks, which means I can sleep late, but it also means I will be crazy busy. The thugs really like shooting people at night.

The short version of this post is I hate my job, I hate people, and I hate computers. The post will bee formatted in bullet points, because I wish I could have fired some bullets last night.

* As I was driving into work, making great time, I spent a good twenty minutes stuck at a red light. The one-lane highway was at a standstill for construction… as 2:30pm… on a f**king weekday. I made it to work on time, but I threw out more than a few sentence enhancers.

* As I approached my desk, the day work sergeant was sitting in my chair. He was trying to fix the computer system, which crashed two days after our new computers arrived. The sergeant fixed the issue, signed me in, and two hours into my shift, the system crashed again. The crash meant I couldn’t do my job, so I had to enter them into the archaic system. I will also have to re-enter the jobs today into the new system. Because God hates me.

* By 7pm, we handled four robberies, all from the same district. Sure, the cops there can easily arrest people for drugs and shoplifting, but robberies? Nah brah, they’re too busy for that.

* An officer called and said he had a shoplifting job. Then he said he thinks it’s a robbery. A few moments later he says it’s an aggravated assault. I asked this dolt if he had a supervisor out there and he replied, “No, I figured you’d tell me what to do.” I did my best to not tell him to step in front of a train.

This job, in this city, is absolutely soul crushing.

7 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Wow, sounds like your week had two Mondays in it. Good luck for the next two weeks. I love my job most days but Mondays seem to be a challenge for the students which in turn impacts me. And heaven forbid they have a test on Monday (which is when all faculty schedule their tests since the college assigns our tests times. Regular testing time is Mondays from 8am to 10am EVERY week for the OTD program.)


  2. Are you looking forward to moving out of Philly when you retire? If so, where would you like to live? Me, I’d like to try Wyoming, but my family is here. So I’m stuck in NYS.


  3. Ronni – My first day back is always the worst. The fill-ins on the front desk don’t really care, so I have to catch up on two days of work they didn’t do.

    Kitty – Due. South. Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line.


    1. My son-in-law, who’s a CO at the Willard Drug Treatment Campus, is looking south, too. He & my grandson love Texas and Tennessee. The south is way too humid for me.


  4. I am closer to getting my tiki bar in Thailand… Got a definite maybe for a two year project over there today. The job of chief of security and practical jokes is still unfilled. 🙂


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