True Detective Stories

So Friday, the computer system was up for about an hour and a half. Being a conscientious person and a model employee, I was able to enter thirty jobs from the previous day during that span. When I walked in yesterday, the computer was up and running smoothly. Sweet!

I started entering jobs, about thirteen in the first hour or two, and when the next report arrived, boom, it crashed. So not only could I not enter the jobs into the mainframe, but I also had to grab the earlier copies and re-enter all the jobs I put into the main system.

Look, I know I live in a garbage city and work in a sub-par department, but is it too much to ask for equipment that is reliable and up to date? I want to swipe a rant from a World of Tanks YouTuber:

I realize I will be shit on and blamed for every mistake sometimes. I also realize I will escape criticism and scorn sometimes, too. All I want is to have equipment that works once in a while. I JUST WANT TO COME IN HERE AND DO MY JOB WITHOUT THE FUCKING COMPUTER CRASHING EVERY FIVE MINUTES! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!!

An artist’s rendering of my reaction at the time can bee seen below the fold…

So yeah, this computer and I are going to drop gloves sooner rather than later.

Oh, by the way, at 8pm we received a call for a four-year old shot on the highway. It was founded, and the child was shot in the stomach. But yes, please tell me why I would continue living in this shithole for the rest of my life?

7 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. I hope the four year old that was shot was some horrible accident and not intentional. I honestly don’t know how our police deal with the stuff day in and day out. Stay safe, Wyatt. You never know when your computer may become vindictive.


  2. I’m thinking DOCRAMBO has a really good idea. I don’t think I want to live right in Nashville, but the area around it is really beautiful and the people are pretty friendly. My wife has a high school friend that lives about 40mi east of there and it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.


  3. Ronni – Yes and no. Jackass boyfriend was playing with a gun, and started wrestling with his friend – while holding the gun! Gun goes off and hits toddler in the hip. Pussy shooter flees the scene. We eventually got him.

    RG – A coworker went there in September for his 50th birthday. He was amazed bars opened so early, and most big places had music basically 24/7. Said he loved everything about the town and its surroundings.


  4. If that’s PPD tech support in the 1st picture I’m guessing your breaking the computer on purpose. And if you want to come to Florida instead of taking Doc’s suggestion (I’ll wait until you stop laughing)……you could work for Grady Judd.


  5. Jim – No such luck. šŸ˜¦ I like Florida, even with the amount of weirdos there. Mrs. Earp isn’t a fan of hurricanes, which is why we skipped North Carolina for a retirement destination. I mean, we have seven years until Julia is out of high school, so we’ll do more research the closer we come to getting out of here.


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