School’s Out Forever?

Schoolchildren in the Chinese Wuhan Province have been released from school due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Of course, the schools are still sending classwork home… well, they were until the little brats revolted in a most unusual way.

Soon after schools closed, teachers started using an Alibaba-owned app to both hold classes online and issue homework to their students. But somehow the schoolchildren managed to coordinate a massive campaign to hopefully have the app taken down from the App Store so they could enjoy their time off.

DingTalk is an advanced app that allows teachers and employers to issue work and homework, and track progress of students and workers by requiring users to submit a “check-in” photo to a set group at the start of each day. The app also allows teachers to conduct lessons via live stream and interact with students via direct video or chat. DingTalk actually works pretty well, and until not so long ago it had a rating of 4.9/5 stars on the App Store, but then a wave of negative reviews bought the rating down to an abysmal 1.4 stars.

If this happened in America, the ringleader would be, without a doubt, my son Kevin.

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