Hey Brother, Pour The Wine

Dearest Florida, I know I have made fun of you and your citizens lo these many years, and while much of it was deserved, I want you to know there are other states in the Union who are dumber than dog dirt. See also: Arizona.

Medical experts with Banner Health are warning the public against using inappropriate medication and household products to prevent or treat coronavirus.

The warning by Banner Health comes after after an Arizona man in his 60s died from taking a substance used to clean fish tanks at aquariums in order to prevent contracting COVID-19.

Mission accomplished! He’ll now never contract the coronavirus.

In a statement released on Monday, experts emphasized that chloroquine, which is a medication used for malaria, should not be taken to treat or prevent COVID-19.

Banner Health officials say the man who died, along with his wife, both took chloroquine phosphate. The man’s wife, who was also in her 60s, is currently under critical care.

Just so you know, it’s really difficult to find decent stories anymore because coronavirus leads every website and media outlet. I’m trying to switch things up as much as possible, but no one wants to write about anything else. Frankly, I’m bored with the virus hysteria already.

9 thoughts on “Hey Brother, Pour The Wine

  1. Covid has impacted everyone and everything. I am hoping things turn around by Easter just like the president but I am extremely doubtful that will happen. I can’t even watch the local news it is so darn depressing these days and that includes the weather report.


  2. Ronni – Our Archdiocese just released a statement saying Easter services are already canceled. So there’s that. /eyeroll. Had to head to the supermarket today, and it wasn’t as mobbed as I thought, but you couldn’t find paper towels, bleach, or hand sanitizer. People are losing their minds. Hoarding won’t do anything but cause more panic.


  3. I am still overseas on a job, in a very remote area and was feeling a bit down. But then, I realized….

    … someone else is quarantined with my ex-wife. 🙂


  4. What morons.

    That being said, after 7 days of a chest infection like nothing I’ve ever had before, I got tested today. My lungs have a constant, painful burn like the feeling you get if you go for a run in the freezing cold. I have to sit down and catch my breath after walking into another room or having a conversation. I feel utterly exhausted. If this isn’t covid, I’ll never survive the real deal. 😭


  5. Cathy – And he’s making a killing.

    TX Nick – Lucky him. /sarc

    Jenn – First, I don’t need competition on the illness chart. Second, come to the U.S., I’ll get you fixed up, post haste. You’ll be my long lost sister.

    (Seriously, please get better.)


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