Mother Zucker

Meet Dr. Howard A. Zucker, M.D, the Commissioner of Health for New York State. Like most politicians in New York, Zucker is a rabid leftist and no fan of President Trump. So much so, he decided to tell New Yorkers to ignore the coronavirus precautions.

A New York’s health commissioner contradicted coronavirus guidance from the White House on Wendesday, telling people who have been to New York City recently that they should not, in fact, quarantine.

Coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Birx on Tuesday urged anyone who had been to New York City recently to self-quarantine, as there was a significant chance they contracted the virus. NY commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker, however, said that part of the White House’s guidance wasn’t necessary.

“I would not follow that. I believe you should follow the guidance in general, you should social distance,” he said, according to Wall St. Journal reporter Jimmy Vielkind.

Yeah, that’ll work in a state which has seen over 200 deaths and 25,000 cases. Feel free to head to the supermarket every day, take long walks in the park, and ride the subway to your heart’s content and see if I give a damn. You know who I’m concerned about? My 74-year old mother, my mother-in-law, my family members and my friends (including Jenn and the rest of you guys). If citizens of the Empire State want to listen to bad advice (simply to “own” Trump) who am I to stop them?

On Tuesday, Ace wrote this about New York: “I think the rest of the country is ready to build a fucking wall around NYC and leave it to its own fate. New Yorkers, understand this: The good feeling the country had about you post-9/11 is gone. A lot of us would rather the entire city be left to rot than be forced to send more money to this ungrateful, demanding, snidely superior shithole.”

He’s not wrong.

11 thoughts on “Mother Zucker

  1. Don’t give a hoot about New York. I would however really like it if Jenn gives us all an update on her health.


  2. Evidently this clown is practicing a new method of birth control. Yes, I also hope Jenn is doing better. My prayers are with her.


  3. Tested negative for covid, positive for a regular old chest infection. Good to know my lungs are surrendering to any little virus that comes along. When this is over, I’m going to have a SERIOUS chat with them about their loyalties.

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  4. You guys are so sweet. Fever returned, coughing up green and can’t get out of bed. Apparently bronchitis is a bitch.


    1. When has having bronchitis ever been a good thing? But, good it is that you don’t have this other crap. I had pneumonia last June/July. It was horrible. The antibiotics killed all the good stuff off too and I ended up with a yeast infection on my larynx and couldn’t even talk for a month. I had to take some anti-fungal crap for that. Getting sick is not fun. Get well soon. I have plenty of room on my list of prayers offered, so you’re there now too.


  5. RG – Same. I know there are good people in that state, but honestly, I have no idea why they stay. Furthermore, all the leftists in NY, Cali, Illinois, etc, please stay there. Don’t infect good states with your communism.

    Ronni – She’s tough. She may be battling, but she’s not a quitter.

    Jenn – Great news about Covid. Not so much about the bronchitis. Get yourself better or I’m coming up there and bringing all the NJ Devils gear I can stuff into my car!

    P.S. – It’s in the 40’s here, but I’m jogging every day. If I get this crap – and being “essential,” I likely will – I’m going to be in the best shape I can when it comes.

    Cathy – That was just the city. We need a wall for the entire state… and barbed wire.


  6. Trump could say in one of the daily briefings that people shouldn’t go around licking toilet seats, and the demoncraps would be organizing toilet seat licking competitions that afternoon.


  7. TX Nick – I’m all for that… for Democrats, at least.

    Mike – Then this POS will demand the Trump administration ship them more ventilators.


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