True Detective Stories

Whenever it seems I cannot find a suitable post for the blog, I am always inspired by the dullards, morons, and mouth breathers who populate/pollute my department.

Late Thursday night, two officers came to the division to drop off paperwork. The Wuhan virus protocols are still in effect, so they have to pass all paperwork through the window and into my waiting hands. (So eventually I’m getting this damned super-flu.)

I look up at them, and my jaw immediately dropped. These two jackasses were wearing medical masks, but instead of the plain white or the baby blue, these assclowns were wearing sports masks. One had the Philadelphia Flyers logo on it, and the other had the Philadelphia Eagles logo on it.

Very professional, gentlemen; I’m sure you’re the pride of your district.

8 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Wear rubber gloves. Don’t touch your face. Retire at your earliest convenience. Tell the morons to f*#! off. These four things will help, especially the last two.

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  2. At least they weren’t wearing an advertisement for alcohol or pornhub or something. Trying to find the positive on a Monday morning.


  3. RG – There will be another TDS tomorrow. The department changed our schedules again.

    Ingineer – I would prefer the alcohol ad instead.

    MelP – Well put.

    Proof – Oh most definitely. I’m getting the Bane mask for me so I can be more intimidating.


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