Happy Birthday Kari!

Today is my friend Kari’s birthday; wife to one of my best friends, godmother to my son Kevin, and mother of three.

Kari lives in the fabulous state of Arizona and works at Grand Canyon University. Go ‘Yotes! When she isn’t recruiting and selling the university, she’s raising her kids and dealing with Kevin’s eternal nonsense. (Sorry Kev.)

In the meantime, she is a caring, sensitive presence in her family, while making sure everyone is happy and healthy- including her Marine son.

Since we can’t be in Arizona to wish her a happy birthday, the least I can do is post some photos to make her day hopefully a little brighter.

New York Rangers goaltender is one of Kari’s favorite players.

I guess she digs the Swedes.

Happy birthday, Kari! Enjoy your day.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kari!

  1. Happy Birthday Kari.

    When I get back to the states, my wife & I plan on taking a trip out west. Maybe we can talk Wyatt into joining up with us. A “mini-Wyatt-Palooza.”


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