True Detective Stories

With the advent of four-hour shifts – an effort to keep detectives from catching the Wuhan virus – a different detective works the front desk during the second part of the tour. The desk person is arguably the most important position in the division, because he/she is responsible for most of the important duties. Obviously, you want someone with half a brain to be assigned there.

In their infinite wisdom, my supervisors chose Diego the Idiot Detective.

You may remember Diego from previous TDS posts. He is quite literally the dumbest person I ever met. Diego may also be the laziest person I ever met, since the photo above shows all the jobs he left me on his first night in relief.

During his part of the tour, he entered three – THREE – jobs in a four-hour shift, while leaving me fourteen to enter the next evening.

Not only that he left me this present the next day, because why should Diego have to do his job when Wyatt can fix everything for him?

Look, I don’t mind working, and there have been times where I’ve put in fifty jobs in an eight-hour tour. We’re a bust division, so I expect there to be a lot of reports. But when we’re slow, and dealing with a pandemic, is it too much to ask other detectives to do their jobs?

Judging by these photos, I guess the answer is yes.

5 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Even of more importance – how many infected cops did he allow into the areas in which they aren’t to be? Diego sound like a class act. Maybe you should leave him some flowers and a box of candy after next shift.


  2. Proof – Well, since he’s morbidly obese, I’ll say… twelve.

    RG – I’d wager also twelve. He truly is the dumbest person I have ever met.


  3. Why don’t his superiors confront him on this and tell him to get his act together? Obviously this guy has zero work ethic.


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