He’s The Hero Ireland Deserves

The employees of the Hatfield House pub in Belfast have begun a delivery service to their customers now that all bars have been closed. Hatfield House will now deliver fresh pints of Guinness for anyone interested.

On an unrelated note, I’ll be flying to Ireland this weekend.

The Hatfield House on Ormeau Road in south Belfast has been delivering freshly-poured pints of Guinness to customers across the Northern Irish capital since the coronavirus pandemic prompted the temporary closure of all pubs.

Using a state-of-the-art van kitted out with a portable tap system, the service was created to help cater to those missing the distinctive taste of a perfectly poured pint of the black stuff.

Customers simply call up Hatfield House, place their orders the day before delivery and, before they know it, a fresh pint of Guinness is on its way.

Mobile bar staff are also careful to ensure it’s a contact-free service too, with drinks poured on location into plastic glasses by bar staff wearing latex gloves which are then left on the doorstep.

Wow, I really have to limit my Irish-bashing, because these people are freakin’ amazing. Well done lads. Well done.

2 thoughts on “He’s The Hero Ireland Deserves

  1. Ronni – With the exception of the very rare – at least in Philly – Sam Adams Blueberry Hill lager, Guinness is my favorite adult beverage. Cheers to them for the great idea.


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