Kyle’s Going Hollywood

Well, sorta. During most athletic seasons at the University of Dallas, most coaches put up profiles of their student-athletes. Thursday was Kyle’s turn. They asked him a few questions about likes, dislikes, etc., and wrote a few nice words about the boy before posting it to Instagram.

You can see it all above, and if it’s difficult to read, just click the photo.

The photo, taken at UD this season is great, but his favorite movie is even better.

5 thoughts on “Kyle’s Going Hollywood

  1. Got some ambition! Most of today’s kids would rather hang out on their phones doing whatever it is they do.
    My favorite movie – Quigley Down Under with Tom Sellect. Close second – The Cowboys with John Wayne.


  2. RG – Until recently, I’ve been a big movie guy. Don’t have a definite favorite, but my top five – in no particular order – are The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, The Hunt for Red October, Black Hawk Down, and Iron Man.


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