The Hero The Quarantine Needs

While most of the world is quarantined inside their homes, one intrepid architect decided to stop whining and start “wining.”

Construction architect Murray Berrill quite cleverly transformed a plain wooden staircase into a really convenient wine cellar. Berrill used the dead space under six of the steps to create side-by-side drawers that easily open to reveal space for 156 bottles of wine (13 bottles per step). Needless to say, Berrill was quite proud of his craftsmanship.

“Ok, here’s one for the wine lovers. What to do with dead space under the stairs? Create an easy access wine cellar. Proud of this one.”

Raise your hand if you need one of these right freakin’ now.

10 thoughts on “The Hero The Quarantine Needs

  1. I just need one bottle. Full or empty it don’t matter. Going to whack some jack-ass dems upside their empty heads.


  2. I’m thinking maybe I might build this, but probably for storage of fine Scotch. I’m betting TXNick would agree.


  3. Cathy – Now that’s a plan!

    RG – I’m building one for my Jolt cola stash. It keeps me sane when I go to work.

    Jenn – A small price to pay for a good wine collection.


  4. You know a bunch of wives are adding this to their husband’s “honey do” list. And, it is at the TOP of the list!


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