POTUS Orders Suspension Of Immigration

President Trump has signed an executive order stopping all immigration to the United States for the duration of the Wuhan virus pandemic.

President Donald Trump tweeted late Monday night that he will sign an executive order temporarily limiting all immigration to the United States in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States,” he wrote shortly after 10:00 pm ET.

This is a great move from a medical perspective, and a terrific move politically. The Democrats continue touting the lie that the president is doing nothing during the pandemic, but they are also calling him a racist for closing the borders. This order forces the leftists to choose between two false narratives.

They now have to declare Trump is evil for stopping immigration (to protect the country from Wuhan) or declare Trump is evil because he is doing nothing to stop Wuhan (while closing the borders).

10 thoughts on “POTUS Orders Suspension Of Immigration

  1. Proof – It’s insanity. Not to mention whatever diseases they’ll be bringing in. I’m sure Chinese immigrants would love to check out our medical systems as opposed to theirs.


  2. Trump is playing the Demoncrats like a fine violin right now and they have nowhere to go but FAIL.
    Proof is definitely on the right track. What a fantastic idea! He would never find a time better than this to push for the end of birthright citizenship.


    1. Might need to save that for his second term, to avoid giving Dems another talking point. They’re already calling him racist for the 60 day suspension on immigration. Their heads would ‘splode if he overturned the current birthright citizen debacle as it exists now.


  3. Welp, judging by the photo on this post, I’d say our President has hit another one out of the ballpark. And if he’ll get rid of that “birthright citizenship” malarky (pulling my Biden imitation out while I’m on a roll) he’ll hit a grand slam.


  4. TX Nick – The ad the RNC just dropped featuring Pelosi is devastating. Nice to see the squishes get their spine back.

    MelP – He cannot possibly do it; he’s a member of the “elite.”


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