A Frustrating Rant

Yeah, I’m really getting sick of this.

When you’re trying to entertain people, it helps to mix in some variety. As it stands, the only stories appearing in the media and on various websites have to deal with the Wuhan virus.

There are no odd stories, no sports tales, no celebrity profiles, and very few Florida Man stories. I can’t – and won’t – go all Wuhan all the time here. At this point, the entire story has become boring to me.

Yes, it sucks that people are losing their jobs, and yes it sucks that the elderly are passing away, but for the most part, this entire situation has turned into little more than keeping the citizenry panicked. It transformed from a pandemic to a political battle between despicable politicians and their desperate power grabs.

I can’t take it anymore.

Do yourselves a favor; stop watching network news, and stop reading their websites. Live your life as best you can and ignore the people who want you to panic.

I’ll do my best to post some non-Wuhan stories tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “A Frustrating Rant

  1. It’s a crappy rainy day. Going to make some popcorn balls. Got some rotten bananas so banana bread is next. With walnuts in the bread and on top. Now I will put my head phones on hook them to my phone and listen to some kick-ass music. Have a great day!!!!!!!


  2. Went out to see my doctor today, six month check up. At least I think it was my doctor…he was wearing a mask! Hit the grocery story and scored some nice steaks and ground veal for the next week. Woo hoo! Not Wu-han!


  3. Cathy – You too! Sounds delish. I worked today, then just took a three-mile walk with Kevin, and now just slouching ay the computer.

    Proof – Hopefully the health front is okay.


  4. This lock down is costing me a lot of money. Since I can’t open up the trap range at my club I have much too much time on my hands, so I spend waaayyyyy too much time looking for good deals on antique firearms that I can restore on Gunbroker.com. At least I pulled myself off the couch early on Monday morning and hit the local trout stream for the first time this year. I was worried that it would be crowded with all the people off work, but I had the whole stream to myself until shortly before I headed home at about 10:00AM. Then it started looking like Kmart on Black Friday all of a sudden. Good thing I went at first light while everyone else slept in………..

    You and yours and all your readers stay safe and healthy………..


      1. Got two smallish browns and four BART (big ass rainbow trout). Tossed them back for somebody else since I don’t care to eat them. I only keep them if someone asks me to bring some back for them. My preferred fish is a nice hunk of deep fried haddock……………


        1. I am jealous. Have not been fishing since last September when I was bass fishing. Long time since I went trout fishing.


          1. We have a nice, local stream here in the Pittsburgh suburbs. There are some decent smallmouth in a few of the sections. Had one follow my bait while I was reeling it in, but changed it’s mind about eating it. One of the few good things about getting old is that last year when I turned 65 I got my lifetime senior license…………..


    1. Free or cheap is always good. I’m in the process of converting .38 S&W brass to .38 rimfire and .32 S&W long into .32 rimfire to use in some revolvers and a rifle that were all made back in the mid eighteen hundreds up until the early nineteen hundreds since that ammo has been obsolete since around WWI. My favorites are still old shotguns with either Damascus barrels or some odd feature. I need somewhere to spend my social security checks. I also need something to keep my hands busy since I’m at home for the duration and the lovely missus told me to keep my dirty ape paws off of her…………….


  5. This is much better thread in which to wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope your kids treated you like a King!


  6. The last three years have been like that. I stopped blogging because every day was a repost of the same old stuff. Everything old was new and everything new was getting pretty darn old.


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