Playboy Playmate Found Dead

Former Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly was found dead in her residence. She was 33.

Former Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly, who struggled with substance abuse, has been found dead in her Texas home.

Mattingly’s sister Christy and brother Billy said their sister took her own life last week at her home in Austin and she reportedly left a suicide note.

The family said she had been living in Texas for the past two years and struggling with substance abuse but was “trying to get her life back on track.” The virus and subsequent shelter-in-place order, her family said, did not help matters.

We’re seeing more of this at work. The lockdown is having detrimental effects on those with substance abuse issues and psychological issues like depression. It’s always a shame when someone takes their own life, but to do so at thirty-three is a tragedy. RIP Ashley.

4 thoughts on “Playboy Playmate Found Dead

  1. Was commenting on the whole idea of “how many people are dying from lockdown” with my lovely bride this morning. I suspect there are quite a few. Very sad.


  2. RG – When you’re having mental or substance issues, events like this are obviously much worse. I never came close to that point when I was battling depression, but there were some really bad days.


  3. There are many, many people who suffer from depression and their condition is being exacerbated by this darn virus. And then there are very social people, such as myself, who are struggling with having little to no human interaction during this hot mess. Oh on the upside, I did pick up some Captain and some Malibu and plan on being fine for the next week to 10 days. 😉


  4. Ronni – We all do what we can to keep our spirits up. For me, it’s walking/jogging, but I am seriously considering getting some beer in the house.


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