Set It On The Gentle Cycle

The Wuhan lockdown is causing all sorts of ancillary problems never contemplated during the daily presidential press briefings. Problems like, say, getting stuck in your washing machine.

Amari Dancy was playing the game with her younger cousins at home in Woodbridge, Virginia Sunday night when she decided to conceal herself in the large appliance.

‘We had already hidden underneath the bed, in the closet, and we couldn’t go down into the basement so, I was like “Oh, OK, let’s just hide in the washer machine.”‘

But when Dancy put herself into the washer, she quickly realized she was unable to get back out. The trapped teen yelled out to cousins for help, and older relatives at home phoned first responders for help.

More than half a dozen members of the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue arrived at the home shortly before 11 pm. (H/T – RedneckGeezer)

A lot of people are trashing this woman, but honestly, when you’ve been stuck in your residence for two months, it’s difficult to entertain the young ones. Sure, going into the washer was a miscalculation, but as someone who has a hard time finding ways to keep my kids occupied, I won’t throw stones.

5 thoughts on “Set It On The Gentle Cycle

  1. She was named Amari because her parents knew that someday she would climb into the washer!
    If the weather is nice have picnics inthe backyard. Have a big water balloon fight!
    Now go to work & get us some new stories.


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