Believe All Women! When It’s Convenient

In a revelation which will surprise literally no one, not one Senate Democrat has even acknowledged the credible sexual assault allegations of former Joe Biden staffer Tara Reade.

Every Democrat in the Senate has refused to acknowledge the sexual assault allegations against 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden that were brought forward by a former staffer, even after new evidence lends credibility to the alleged assault.

Believe all women… unless they accuse a Democrat!

The Daily Caller contacted every Democrat in the Senate, asking them if they would even consider the allegations by Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade, who has accused the then-senator of kissing her, touching her and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent in 1993. Each Senate office was given 24 hours to respond but not one did.

Neither Anita Hill nor Christine Blasey-Ford claimed Justices Clarence Thomas or Brett Kavanaugh finger-blasted them, and yet every SJW on Earth screeched about those accusations for months. Those same leftist toads are now curiously silent. Hmm, it’s almost as the “Believe all women” mantra is bullshit, and these leftist senators are hypocrites.

This comes after a 1993 transcript obtained by The Intercept showed that Reade’s mother mentioned on “Larry King Live” that her daughter had problems with a “prominent senator” in Washington. The Media Research Center also uncovered the video Friday of the August 11, 1993 edition of CNN’s “Larry King Live” program.

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, in an recent interview, Reade said she would never vote for Trump and would never vote Republican. She’s a full-on leftist, and while the charge is despicable, Reade is still firmly imbedded with the people trying to silence her.

8 thoughts on “Believe All Women! When It’s Convenient

  1. What does she want? Simple answer $$$$$$$$$$. Yes rape is disgusting! This woman is trying to use it to her advantage and making all women look bad.


  2. This picture is all telling…she has his hands firmly controlled, that means he has already tried to snatch a little feel of the underboob and she knows what his motives are…what level of mis-comprehension must his supporters have to see that he is a stupid, senile, groping pedophile???


  3. Cathy – I think she doesn’t want him to be president – like most of us – but there’s something else going on here. I believe the story, but why not come out when he was running as Obama’s VP?

    Proof – Agreed, especially since they never care when a conservative is assaulted.

    RG – Or a mask.

    MelP – Which is worse. You’re diddling your own employees? The Bernie support doesn’t surprise me, but the face she has a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome for the Democrats, I don’t much care what happens with this story.

    Doc – And if he could do this in public, what did he do with Reade privately?


  4. At some point, Biden’s mom and dad needed to REPEATEDLY tell him to keep his bloomin’ hands to himself. Imagine how fulfilled he would feel if he would touch himself instead of the closest woman day in and out.


  5. Ronni – Tell me about it! 🙂 I think his wife needs to step in and tell him 1. stop groping women, and 2. get out of the presidential race. The man is literally losing his mind.

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