True Detective Stories

As I’ve said previously, most of the divisions in the department are working split shifts to contain the spread of the Wuhan virus. It was a common sense decision – something rare for my department – made solely out of the concern for the officers.

For the most part, everyone embraced the move, and most officers reported on time, worked hard, and left without illness. The policy has likely cut down on contagion, and for a change, everyone was happy.

Yesterday we were told out bosses decided the split shifts would end today after a supervisor screwed up. The bosses did not appreciate said screw-up, and because I work in a garbage department, not only the supervisor, but everyone else in the building will be punished.

So, starting today, we will have three times the personnel working in the building; thus guaranteeing more people will catch the Chinese coronavirus (and bringing it home to their family), and more people will be forced off sick for two weeks. This is only for my building, not the department at large.

UPDATE: They changed their mind! Hopefully this means we won’t all get sick.

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