Rocky Mountain (Really) High

Meet David Pangallo of Jefferson County, Colorado.

David is just trying to make his way through this mixed-up crazy world, while making money and participating in our thriving economy. Why, he has so much money the bank knows him by name.

Case in point: an incident in Jefferson County where deputies said 34-year-old David Pangallo allegedly deposited two bags of cocaine along with his cash at a bank on the 8300 block of Continental Divide Road on Friday.

According to a Facebook post from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, a bank teller discovered the drugs when he opened a tube the customer sent in the drive-thru.

“After further investigation it turns out the customer didn’t mean to deposit his cocaine,” the Facebook post says. “Imagine that.”

The teller called police, and deputies said they found more drugs in Pangallo’s car. He was taken into custody but has since been released.

Well, since Colorado legalized marijuana, I guess cocaine was next on the “approved” list.

2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain (Really) High

  1. Never let it be said that my state can’t lead the nation in something. They legalized magic mushrooms, so I’m sure cocaine will be on the soon to be legal list. We already have mail in balloting, so we’re at the head of the pack. For some reason, we have a Demoncrat Governor (male and with a husband), a Democrat State House, and a Demoncrat Senate. I can’t imagine why this stuff happens.


  2. RG – It’s exactly why I’m leaving PA. It’s not a purple state anymore, really; it’s going dark blue and I’m leaving when I retire. Possibly that very day,


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