The Skin She’s In

Meet Alexia Rivas, a journalist from Spain.

Alexia made news this week after she was seen walking by half-naked during a live home news broadcast from Alfonso Merlos, a Spanish news anchor. Normally that would not seem like a huge deal, except Merlos was allegedly dating another woman at the time. Caliente!

A Spanish news anchor was caught out by eagle-eyed viewers when they spotted a semi-naked woman, believed not be his ‘Big Brother’ star girlfriend, walking behind him while he was live on air.

Alfonso Merlos, 41, was hosting on the Estado de Alarma channel live on YouTube from his home, but was oblivious to what was going on behind him until a national scandal broke out soon after. Viewers were quick to note that the woman who passed behind did not look like his girlfriend, and discovered that she was in fact a fellow 27-year-old journalist, Alexia Rivas.

The incident led to accusations of Merlos cheating on his Big Brother star girlfriend Marta López, but he has since insisted that he and López were not together when he was caught out.

The video at the link is pretty hilarious, as Alexia is completely unaware Alfonso is broadcasting as she walks by. Honestly, the new girl is much hotter than the old one, in my opinion.

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