The Force Is Female?

Since today is Star Wars Day – “May The Fourth Be With You” – I figured it’s high time I publicly admitted what most people knew all along. Disney killed Star Wars, then burned it at the stake, and raped its smoldering corpse.

The recent trilogy was painful to watch – I never even bothered to see Rise of Skywalker – because the films had no direction, no interesting characters, and no respect for the original cast.

Worse still, Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Disney Star Wars, has transformed Star Wars into a female-centric franchise. Don’t believe me? Check out this garbage:

Another Star Wars arrangement is in progress at Disney Plus. The arrangement hails from Leslye Headland, the co-maker, showrunner and official maker of the widely praised Netflix arrangement Russian Doll.

For the record, this bint has no legitimate writing credits to her name, despite Russian Doll, but she is totes qualified because she’s a “woke” female.

Subtleties of the specific plot of the arrangement are being stayed quiet about, yet sources state it will be a female-driven arrangement that happens in an alternate piece of the Star Wars course of events than different undertakings. The headland is said to be joined to compose and fill in as showrunner on the arrangement, with the show at present staffing.

Why yes, let’s force a bunch of all-knowing, all-powerful Mary Sues into Star Wars, because that worked so well with the last trilogy. I can hardly wait to not see this series.

Look, you don’t have to force female characters into a franchise if they’re written well. No Star Wars fan had a problem with Princess Leia, Aunt Beru, or Mon Mothma, but when you shove them in because “diversity.” It’s pandering, and it’s pathetic.

Star Wars ended after Return of the Jedi. Everything else has been hot garbage. Well done, Disney!

10 thoughts on “The Force Is Female?

  1. Cathy – They ruined a franchise by hiring writers and directors who hated Star Wars, and by adding diversity for diversity’s sake. A pox on them all.


  2. That is the Hollywood mantra these days. Everything has to be multiple female leads. I don’t have a problem with female lead characters, but it gets old when almost every show goes that direction. Westworld, Homeland, Ozark, FBI to name a few. About the only show that hasn’t is Better Call Saul. They only have one female lead character.


  3. The three “prequels” turned me off the Star Wars. They not only contradicted the previous trilogy, they were a mish mash of boring characters, with a predetermined end. How can you build any suspense in a death defying sequence, when you know the character lives in an upcoming film?
    There were glimpses of eye candy, but less filling than cotton candy.


  4. The last Star Wars flick I watched was Rogue One. Never bothered with The Last Jedi or Rise of Skywalker. I saw what was coming after Rogue One: “Strong, Woke Woman, kicks all men around and shows who’s BOSS!”

    May the Farce blow up in their faces.


  5. Ingineer – Someone at AOSHQ mentioned they binge-watched 24. 24 was a great example of good female characters. They weren’t forced or shoe-horned in.

    Proof – Please tell me you’ve seen Red Letter Media’s prequel reviews then! They’re hilarious.

    TX Nick – Rogue One was okay, and arguably than any of the most recent trilogy. Solo: A Star Wars Story actually lost money, so there’s that.

    Proof – I did when I first saw Star Wars. I was eight years old when my mom took me.

    MelP – AMEN! The kid who played Anakin was awful, but the writing was terrible. Few actors could have done well with that script.

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    1. Your comment to MelP reminds me of a “complement” I frequently use during checkout of a control system: “You do poor work but you’re slow”

      You should see some of the facial expressions on the recipients. (I usually tell that to the techs that are really good and have a sense of humor.)


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