The Greatest Story You’ll Read This Year

U.S. soccer “star” Megan Rapinoe and her band of egotistical, anti-American “females” were kicked in the balls – literally, for Rapinoe – after a federal judge dismissed their ridiculous equal-pay lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Federal Judge R. Gary Klausner considered the USWNT’s “equal pay” claim alleging that the women’s team faces sex-based pay discrimination compared to the U.S. men’s soccer team. He found it so baseless that he dismissed it without allowing it to proceed to trial. He did allow a few claims related to travel conditions to proceed, but the equal pay claim was the heart of the lawsuit, and it was rejected out of hand.

“The statements offered by Plaintiff [USWNT] are insufficient to establish a genuine dispute that [female players] are paid at a rate less than the rate paid to [male players],” the judge wrote in his decision. “Defendant [U.S. Soccer] has presented evidence that the [USWNT] was paid more on both a cumulative and an average per-game basis than the [men’s team].”

Wait a minute, our American Heroes – who dropped and stepped on the American flag and threw out F-bombs during their NYC parade – were lying? I am shocked and appalled!

But even considering this stark difference, the entity which the USWNT sued, U.S. Soccer, actually pays them more than the men. Former U.S. Soccer Federation President Carlos Cordeiro wrote:

Over the past decade, U.S. Soccer has paid our Women’s National Team more than our Men’s National Team. From 2010 through 2018, U.S. Soccer paid our women $34.1 million in salaries and game bonuses, and we paid our men $26.4 million — not counting the significant additional value of various benefits that our women’s players receive but which our men do not.

Yeah, like hormone therapy for dudes like Rapinoe. For the record, FIFA – the international soccer body – pays men more than women, mostly because the payouts are determined through television ratings. The 2018 men’s World Cup pulled in 3.5 billion viewers, whereas the women’s World Cup pulls in dozens.

Either way, this is a great day for America!

3 thoughts on “The Greatest Story You’ll Read This Year

  1. That is awesome. The men should sue for equal pay next. Rapinoe is from the area where I used to work and just an embarrassment to the community and the nation.


  2. Ingineer – There is not an athlete – male or female – I despise more that this twat. She’s been given opportunities most people could only imagine, and she thanks the country by trashing it at every turn.

    IMO, there are very few members of that team with any class.

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