A Hot Cup Of Slow

An obviously deranged leftist author has released an “adult coloring book” centered on “sexy” Joe Biden. I’m not sure which is more chilling – the fact this book was created, ot the fact it was written by a man.


A Piping Hot Coloring Book with America’s Sexiest Moderate, Joe Biden.

His politics might be moderate, but his appeal is extreme in Jason Millet’s Joe Biden coloring book for adults, Hot Cup of Joe…

Okay, let’s take this step-by-step. First of all, Joe Biden is not a moderate. has never been a moderate, and will never transform into a moderate. Second, his appeal is nowhere near extreme, since most Bernie Bros claim they will sit home if Biden is the nominee. Finally, Biden has never, ever, been sexy. The dude makes me look like Jason Momoa.

But sure, let’s just call him a sexy moderate so all the Karens can buy this awful book.

For the record, you can all blame MelP for this eye-bleach inducing abomination.

8 thoughts on “A Hot Cup Of Slow

  1. The first time I saw it I thought it was a joke. I followed the link to Amazon.

    That’s a good gift for Joe. His wife could hang some of the pages on the fridge.


  2. Proof – Okay, that’s brilliant!

    Veeshir – Sadly, Joe cannot stay within the lines.

    Cathy – I don’t think he has ever been sexy in his miserable life. Crazy? Sure. Sexy? Nah.

    MelP – No you didn’t! Your “apology” was “At least it wasn’t Hillary.” Both would have caused forced eye-bleeds.

    Kitty – I think you meant Frodo. Frodo Baggins.

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  3. What sane person finds Sleepy Joe sexy?! That picture is an abomination! And, now I have to go rinse out my mouth since that pic made me gag like crazy.


  4. Ronni – Some Twitter leftist named Brian Krassenstein did the same with a shirtless Bob Mueller. It’s haunting, but you can see it if you Google it.


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