Butter Your Popcorn Better

My son Erik is a popcorn addict. He usually enjoys a bowl of microwave popcorn every day, but after popping it in the microwave, it’s difficult to evenly spread out the melted butter. It looks like those days are gone forever.

This is the Popcorn Popping Lid with Butter Vents available from Uncommon Goods ($11). You just fill a microwave-safe 10-inch bowl with your choice of popping corn, set the lid on top, add a pat of butter to each of the lid’s butter vents, and let the microwaving begin!

From the site:

Bye, icky chemicals; hi, delicious popcorn. Now you can enjoy the convenience of your favorite microwaved snack minus all the questionable ingredients. This handy and sustainable tool fits on top of any microwave-safe bowl, lessening waste by eliminating the need for those single-serve, zap-able bags. Just drop the kernels inside, add your desired amount of butter to the vents on top, *pop* the whole thing in the microwave, and let the snacking begin.

This is the perfect companion for the 2020 election as the Democrats argue over who should be their – hopefully failed – presidential nominee.

7 thoughts on “Butter Your Popcorn Better

  1. Get Erik a Whirley-pop. Go on line & look for it. Had one similar to it as a child. Go ahead & melt the butter in the microwave. Never ever nuke popcorn! It tastes so much better this way.


  2. Cathy – Holy crap, that brings back memories. Mostly being stuffed into the closet after my parents thought I was too sarcastic. I mean, seriously, me, sarcastic?


  3. We eat popcorn every day, too. Orvil Redenbacher’s MOVIE THEATER BUTTER popcorn made with “real ingredients.” We’d eat OR’s ULTIMATE BUTTER popcorn if we could find it.


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