PA D.A.s Found Their Wontons

An increasing number of PA District Attorneys are ignoring Pennsylvania Dictator Governor Tom Wolf’s shutdown orders, and refusing to prosecute citizens who violate Der Fuhrer’s mandates.

“People are being smart, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance. Using criminal sanctions would not be helpful,” Dauphin County district attorney Fran Chardo said in a Saturday press release, which indicated that prosecution would only occur in an “extraordinary circumstances.”

Dauphin County is one of several Pennsylvania counties that Wolf has failed to allow to move on to the next phase of reopening. It remains in the red phase — a lockdown phase that prevents most business owners from resuming operations.

Wolf recently extended the lockdown order for counties remaining in the red phase to June 4. Only “life sustaining” businesses are permitted to operate, with a small exception for those who applied for waivers — a controversial process that has been under intense scrutiny, spurring a class action lawsuit on behalf of businesses that were rejected for reasons that remain largely unknown.

Dauphin County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jeff Haste outlined the county’s plan to defy Wolf’s order on Friday, demanding the governor to “return our state to the people (as prescribed by our Constitution) and not run it as a dictatorship.”

The politicians here are not wrong. Arresting citizens for exercising their First Amendment rights is not a good look for law enforcement. Wolf is a terrible governor, and he claimed the state will not open until we “flatten the curve.” That has already happened, considering his makeshift hospitals have started closing because they were never overrun.

Wolf, like most Democrat governors, is drunk with power, and if he can ruin the state’s economy to harm Trump’ reelection chances, then all the better.

3 thoughts on “PA D.A.s Found Their Wontons

  1. Would be a refreshing change if they would focus on their jobs rather than how in insure Trump isn’t re-elected. Geesh!


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