You Don’t Bring Me Flowers…

Meet Sandra Kay Webb of Tampa, Florida.

Sandra’s loving husband bought her a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day, and Sandra was so overjoyed she threw them straight into her best vase. No, wait a minute, she actually threw them at her husband.

Investigators say that Sandra Kay Webb, 32, and her spouse were in their Tampa-area residence when matters turned physical around 12:30 AM Monday.

Webb, seen at right, was upset at the victim because he bought her children “flowers to give her for Mother’s Day.” This “made the defendant angry.”

Webb allegedly “threw the flowers at the victim while he was in bed and struck him with the bouquet.” Webb is also accused of spitting on her husband’s arm and chest.

She seems nice.

6 thoughts on “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers…

  1. It’s good to come back from a jailbreak and find a Floriduh story right away. Had a great time with my grandkids. 🙂


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