A Burning Towel Ring Of Fire

Meet Robin Hamilton of Hawthorne, Florida; the only woman ever to peer into the Ark of the Covenant and live to tell the tale.

Robin is a simple woman with simple tastes. She likes long walks on the beach, cuddling her favorite towel, and a roaring house fire with people inside.

Robin Hamilton, 57, was arrested shortly after Saturday’s fire behind a Hawthorne trailer home.

A woman told Alachua County deputies that she was renting the shed from Hamilton and living there with her two dogs. The woman said Hamilton had been drunk and threatened to “burn her out” because of a missing towel that had sentimental value to Hamilton.

About 20 minutes after the fight, the tenant said she smelled something burning and then saw smoke. The woman said she got out of the shed, but her puppy fled under the furniture and died in the fire.

Hamilton told detectives she didn’t know how the fire started. A neighbor’s surveillance showed Hamilton crouching next to the shed several times, just before the building caught fire.

The good news is Robin will never be raped in prison, because… YIKES!

12 thoughts on “A Burning Towel Ring Of Fire

  1. She looks 75 not 57 to me. It might help if she didn’t have as many wrinkles as Nancy Pelosi and she needs to invest in some dentures. That is one ugly woman!


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