Oh Crap!

It’s my day off, I spent much of my day food shopping, picking up Mrs. Earp’s car after repairs and walking four miles. I was so busy that I completely missed the 1pm post.

Since it’s almost 4pm, I’ll put up some filler.

9 thoughts on “Oh Crap!

  1. Proof – I usually have some pre-loaded posts on days off because I spend much of those days running around and doing chores. Completely forgot, because I went to bed early so I could beat the masked rush at the supermarket.


  2. A picture of Andy Garcia would be nice, preferably from THE UNTOUCHABLES. Clint, however, just gets better with age.


  3. This is absolute horseshit. For what I pay to this crummy site, I expect– NAY! I DESERVE!!!– timely posts!!

    If it happens again, I will sue you.

    You’ve been warned.


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