Stripping Away The Stigma

While Democrat politicians and liberal scolds have successfully destroyed the American economy, women in God’s Country are making money and crushing dreams on a nightly basis.

Only, they’re doing it with a mask.

Cleo counts out crumpled dollars, straightening the bills as she stacks them neatly on her bare leg. “Twenty-two dollars,” the 23-year-old exclaims. “Not too bad!”

All around her, more than a dozen nearly naked women are dancing on the stage and swinging from a brass pole as music thumps and customers shower the dancers with money. It’s like any other night at this rural strip club on the Colorado-Wyoming border, with one notable exception: While the dancers are all wearing barely-there outfits, every one of them is wearing a mask.

Some are bandannas. Some are surgical masks. One looks as if it was swiped from a construction site. They’re a seemingly odd accessory for women wearing a mix of g-strings, bikinis and lingerie. (H/TAOSHQ ONT)

The good news is you won’t get the Wuhan virus from some stripper coughing on you. The bad news is you’ll get something worse after the obligatory lap dance.

3 thoughts on “Stripping Away The Stigma

  1. Cheyenne is only a little over an hour away. I better head right up there to check the validity of this story. Maybe I’ll wait until the Plague Doctor mask I ordered arrives.


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