Finally, A Good Wuhan Virus Story

A Russian nurse was disciplined after she wore lingerie under her see-through protective gear while attending to Wuhan virus patients. Why. Would. You. Discipline. Her?!!

A RUSSIAN nurse faces the sack for only wearing “lingerie” beneath her transparent gown while treating male coronavirus victims.

The unnamed medic, aged in her 20s, told hospital chiefs in the city of Tula that wearing a uniform under her PPE clothing left her feeling “too hot”.

I’m guessing the patients felt warm as well…

After a picture of the woman was shared widely on social media, she was punished for “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.” Her bosses initially said the woman was wearing “lingerie” but later claimed she had a “swimming suit” beneath the gown.

You can see the photo of the nurse at the link; it’s worth your time.

8 thoughts on “Finally, A Good Wuhan Virus Story

  1. Lighten up bosses. It probably is hard for some of the male doctors to pay attention to their job. Oh well…


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