Thank You And Bum Again

Meet Shilpa Sethi, an “Instagram influencer” from New Delih, India. (For those unaware, an Instagram influencer is someone who has no job and no marketable skills besides their looks.) For her part, Shilpa makes her bones from her gigantic ass.

An Instagram model says a botched Brazilian butt lift left her unable to sit — for six months.

“It was very painful,” Shilpa Sethi, who has led with her mammoth backside in sexy photos to land 1.2 million followers on the site, said to the Daily Mail.

The 25-year-old New Delhi woman said she spent $10,000 to get the booty-boosting surgery in Miami about five years ago. She said the butt lift — which involved taking fat from her waist and injecting it in her bottom — left her with a lopsided backside and excruciating pain.

Now this may sound like a radical idea, but how about you enjoy the body God gave you instead of inflating your ass to Stacey Abrams proportions? You know you’re going to need a wheelbarrow to carry that caboose when you hit seventy, right? Dolt.

5 thoughts on “Thank You And Bum Again

  1. I wouldn’t care at all if she had a new ass. I would take her as she is and enjoy the whole package.
    (Did I just write that?)


  2. Geez, I have never understood the draw of plastic surgery and supposedly “enhancing” your body. I did however lay out in the sun and apply baby oil to my skin for a great tan in the summer.


  3. RG – I believe you did. I’m not a fan of gigantic butts, but overall she’s pretty delicious.

    Ronni – Which is perfectly fine, unless you’re prone to skin cancer, like yours truly.

    TX Nick – Instead of Outward Bound, the Beltway can take a trip to Brazil.


  4. My husband would come out and play the sound of bacon frying when I would lay out. Now we know a lot more about the hazards of not using sunblock, etc. Thank goodness.


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