Comes A Horseman

Meet Michael Reigo if fabulous, sunny Delaware! Michael is a simple man with simple tastes; he enjoys long hot showers, an high-end blow dryer, and diddling equines.

Michael Riego, 31, was spotted sneaking into the stables at the New Castle County Carousel Park and Equestrian Center in Wilmington and tying up a small horse’s hind legs Thursday.

The accused pony perv was also caught on camera having his way with at least two other equine victims, beginning last year.

Footage from the first incident shows the alleged serial predator walking into the barn after midnight in September 2019 and tying up a 20-year-old mare above her hooves before molesting her. (H/T – TX Nick)

If Riego is smart – which I doubt – he would employ the Biden defense. “Your honor, our senior Senator has been sniffling and diddling women for four decades without punishment or remorse!”

7 thoughts on “Comes A Horseman

  1. Proof – Guy isn’t too terribly looking. How can he not get a human date?

    TX Nick – He’s looking for his Mrs. Ed.

    Cathy – I wonder which one smells worse?


  2. I wonder if the horses whinnied their distress. (My great-grandfather was a horse trader back in the day).


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