Livin’ DaVida Loca

I might as well end the day on a stupid note. Meet DaVida Sal, a “performance artist” from California who stripped outside a Trader Joe’s to protest Los Angeles’ ridiculous lockdown orders.

A performance artist wore a bikini made out of blue surgical masks near a Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles to protest lockdown restrictions.

The half-naked artist, DaVida Sal, was not covering her mouth but repurposed one mask as a blindfold, taking a jab at the perceived “blindness” of those complying with social distancing measures.

Sal wrote in a Facebook post that she subscribes to a theory that coronavirus is a hoax created to erode freedoms by forcing people to wear masks in public and maintain a six-foot distance from each other.

The coronavirus is not a hoax, darling. The continuous lockdown perpetuated by blue state governors is also not a hoax, per se. It is, however, a completely transparent attempt to ruin President Trump’s reelection chances.

So next time you wanna get naked, go with the governors theory… and call me beforehand.

8 thoughts on “Livin’ DaVida Loca

  1. Cathy – I gotta go with Doc here. She’s not terrible, but she needs a sammich or ten.

    TX Nick – I mean, I’d probably tap it, but again… sammich!

    Doc – Yeah, I’m with ya. She could be worse, but she’d blow away in a ten MPH wind.


  2. From the comments, I’m guessing many men like a bit more cushion for the pushin’. And, I agree, Wyatt, it is an attempt by some govs to make Trumps life hell prior to the election in November.


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