New York Will Rise Again!

A southern New York man was arrested after firing his Civil War cannon for eight straight days during a neighbor dispute.

A 52-year-old man who allegedly fired a Civil War cannon at his neighbor’s house for eight days straight during an ongoing feud was arrested yesterday.

New York’s Brian J. Malta is accused of repeatedly firing the antique long tom, loaded with a powder charge and wadding, at the Prosser Hill Road, Jamestown property.

While it is not illegal to own a cannon, deputies reportedly confiscated it because it was used maliciously. Malta lives in the rural town of Kiantone, on the Pennsylvania border about 60 miles south of Buffalo.

Dude, just pull a William Tecumseh Sherman and burn the entire town down.

9 thoughts on “New York Will Rise Again!

  1. TX Nick – I’m guessing they want to conquer Erie to enjoy it’s fabulous climate and beautiful girls. /sarc

    Mike47 – I once laid siege to a box of Whopper’s. I love Malta milk balls.


  2. The incident happened in 2013, a quick internet search turned up lots of reports on the event, but I didn’t find out the outcome.

    No mention whether or not he used his cannon while he played the War of 1812 overture over loudspeakers.


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