We’ve Got Riots!

Hat Tip: Sean Walsh, Philadelphia Inquirer

So last night was fun. Philadelphia, a second-class city, welcomed George Soros’ professional protesters to our town. Most of the city’s uniformed officers were sent to Center City with their riot gear, and endured a rather hellish evening. Two of my detectives were detailed down there as well to help process the multitude of arrests. Many officers were injured and a few police vehicles were destroyed.

The rioters were the usual suspects; some Philly residents looking to loot some free stuff, leftist white women who believe they’re part of Black Lives Matter, and thugs who just want to watch the world burn. They chanted, they vandalized, they threw things at police, and they even blew up a police vehicle

A Pennsylvania State police vehicle caught fire at the intersection of Broad and Vine Streets Saturday as tensions rose between demonstrators and police.

It didn’t “catch fire,” you leftist hack. It was burned by your riotous buddies.

I wonder why Soros’ protesters would set a Pennsylvania State Police cruiser on fire? Oh wait, maybe because Philadelphia’s jackass Mayor Jim “I’ll Have Another Drink” Kenney effectively gave the rioters carte blanche

A day before a planned demonstration outside City Hall over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Mayor Jim Kenney on Friday vowed that police will treat the protesters with respect, and said he was hopeful the city will avoid the destruction seen in some demonstrations elsewhere.

My sister was working at a downtown hospital while the carnage was going on, and a private ambulance driver told her, “They just wanna be heard because peaceful protests don’t work.” Hey jackass, the main cop responsible for George Floyd’s death was already arrested and charged with murder! What the f**K else do you want?

We’re being told the riots may continue for a few days, so work should be more exciting than usual. I hate this city and I really don’t like this job, but I’ll be brutally honest; I couldn’t care less if the residents or Soros’ thugs burn the entire city down.

Oh, by the way, if you’re a “brave protester,” remove your mask and be proud of what you’re doing. If you’re one of those protesters who covers your face, you are nothing more than a pussy. Own it.

17 thoughts on “We’ve Got Riots!

  1. They had a peaceful protest in Davenport yesterday. At one point some teenagers started throwing rocks at the courthouse when the protest stopped there but the older adult males quickly stopped that nonsense. They left the courthouse and went down to the park to finish the protest there. Basically, we’re pretty friendly and are rule followers here in rural America.


  2. Ronni – Exactly the opposite here. More than a dozen cops injured. Injuries include chemical burns, injuries from projectiles, and one bike cop was run over by a car. He has a broken arm.

    The riots are continuing today, so we are expecting more looting, fires, and assaults. The rot has spread from Center City outward, and stores in my division are now being looted. The city was not prepared – shock – and they still have no cohesive plan to counteract the terrorists.


  3. Plus, all the food stores and mini marts closed for the weekend, so my dinner will be whatever the vending machines have in stock. They all closed but didn’t bother to tell people who have to work today.


  4. My home is on the back side of a small bank and a business, a few homes down is several more stores, and across the blvd. are a couple of big ones. Pretty much surrounded on three sides by expensive loot.

    But I am semi-prepared. Lots of .556 Nato for the AR-15, lots of .40 S&W when that runs low or the bad guys (and girls, see how “woke” I am?) get too close, and lots of .45 ACP for the two 1911s.

    I hope it doesn’t come to it, but, if need be, the Navy taught me well in self-defense.

    Y’all stay safe out there.

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  5. Stay safe, brother.

    My brother is on call to go to Toledo, should the need arise.

    Here in podunk, about 25 mostly white protesters showed up and… protested. And good for them…

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  6. I hope I live just long enough to see all these naïve white libs find out that they aren’t “one of them” & get everything they deserve. Watch The Obsolete Man from the Twilight Zone.


  7. Soros paid rioters. Soros paid Mayor. Soros paid DA. A police commissioner who stood her police officers down when Antifa was at its most violent in Portland. A recipe for disaster. Too bad the voters of Philadelphia have short memories. In November, they will vote 98% democrat. Nothing changes. Best decision of my life was not returning to Philadelphia after I left the Navy.


  8. I remember that episode. I watched it when it first came out.

    Did I expose my age again?

    SitRep: I just did a 360 degree recon. All quiet. Governor Abbott called out our National Guard, so I doubt if anything gets out of hand. Just being careful here. Y’all do the same. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  9. TX Nick – My neighbor and I are ready if they decide to try us. We will defend ourselves and our families.

    Toothy – Protest all you want. It’s their right. Just don’t go Antifa on innocent people.

    MelP – That day may never come. This is the fall of the Roman Empire, and no one sees it coming.

    James – I hate this city, its administration, and many of its citizens, but I have a job to do. In six years I’m leaving and never returning. Ever.


  10. The Rodney King LA riots were stopped because the Post Office said it was too dangerous to deliver welfare checks. Being the first is tomorrow would be an excellent opportunity, but now everyone gets direct deposit so it won’t work this time.


  11. I don’t know why they call this shit riots. It is Antifa at war with the rest of the country. War, not riots. If anyone else decides they have had enough, there will be a lot of dead people. Many, if not most, will be the Antifa goons themselves. For the most part they are a bunch of pussies. These are the people that Vertias recorded saying they would burn it all to the ground. Chris Christie said something about how a massive police response is needed. I’m not his biggest fan, but he has that one right. It would not break my heart at all to see each and everyone of them beat within an inch of their lives. These are the people recorded beating an old woman in a wheelchair. Nice people.

    I did my bit back in the mid-seventies wearing riot gear and dealing with rioters. It wasn’t fun then, and I doubt it’s fun now. I doubt there is a cop out there who wants to deal with this crap. They just want to lead peaceful lives like the rest of us. That said, the cops are the only thing between peaceful civilization and total chaos and anarchy. My hat is off to them.


  12. Here in CA the shotgun and .38 came out of the safe for duty for the first time ever last night. We will not be intimidated by terrorists pretending to be protesters. Break in, you die. This morning, all is calm. Hopefully, the shitstorm has passed.


  13. I hope everyone realizes this is nothing more than a dress rehearsal. The real $hit$how will be when DJT is reelected this November. All these goony birds will be out again trashing what they can. In 2016 all they did was cry. In 2020 they will try to destroy what they can’t control.

    Stay safe. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


    1. I would agree with TXNick on preparedness. Make sure you have plenty of food, water, medicine, and whatever else it takes to keep you going like teepee and had sanitizer. The run on toilet paper and hand sanitizer will look like child’s play compared to what’s coming down the pike when the Orange Man wins again. These useless pieces of human garbage will be out in force. I would make sure you have a stash of many precious metals as well. Copper, brass, and lead come to mind. Antifa really DOES want to kill those of us who disagree with them.


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