Philadelphia 1682-2020

Day Two of the 2020 Philadelphia Riots are in the books, and naturally, it’s more of the same. Police vehicles were burned, businesses were looted and vandalized, and officers were injured. The city was not remotely prepared for these attacks, as it took the mayor nearly two days to realize, “Hey, the Ben Franklin Bridge leads right to Center City. Maybe we should shut it down?”

Jim Kenney finally made the decision Sunday afternoon, days after the Soros’ thugs arrived in town.

Looting and violence spread in Philadelphia Sunday as the fallout of protests over the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis continued.

The funniest part of this is seeing Antifa claim “No justice, no peace,” days after the officer involved in George Lloyd’s death was arrested and charged with murder. Sorry jackasses, but everyone gets their day in court.

In West Philadelphia Sunday, people broke the windshields of various police vehicles, setting one alight near the intersection of Market and N. 52nd streets. Firefighters also responded to a building fire near 52nd and Walnut streets, the same area where stores are being looted.

Responding officers used tear gas and fired non-lethal ammunition to disperse some of the crowd.

Sadly, no one used lethal force. Let me tell you about Sunday night…

We had seven detectives working, and in the first two hours, we handled a shooting, a stabbing, a carjacking, two robberies, and three commercial burglaries (lootings). The thugs were well aware more of the force was battling with other thugs in Center City, so they spread out to other neighborhoods for their crimes. We had massive amounts of looting in our division, multiple assaults on police, and overall lawlessness. Halfway through the tour, a street supervisor said – over the radio – that a business owner was unable to come to his looted business, so the patrol car should resume patrol.

And that’s when Philadelphia officially died.

The supervisor’s order started gaining traction to a point where the city – most likely the mayor – effectively said, “f**k it, it’s Thunderdome.” The police were, at least “unofficially,” going to ignore looting and allowing the terrorists to have space to destroy. Now, mind you, the order was not made verbally or in writing – how could it be? – but the city virtually told us to stand down.

A few hours later, we received a call that the store the supervisor said to abandon was on fire.

Shortly thereafter, we received an order that we were not to leave the building; allegedly for “our safety,” because the mobs were headed to our building. (As if we can’t handle ourselves among some thugs. I brought three mags with me, just in case.)

A half hour later, the divisional boss went over the air ordering our building be locked and secured, and the parking lot be closed to foot and vehicle traffic.

In the meantime, the a-holes were still shooting people, looting businesses, and setting cars and buildings ablaze. The problem there was all the businesses in Philly closed their doors – screwing me out of dinner – so the stores were ripe for the picking. Ironically, if the places were open, it would be less likely they’d get hit.

I have no idea how long these riots are going to last, but I am fairly sure today will be another day of anarchy. I have no confidence the department will do what’s necessary to stop these criminals, because they don’t want to pay the overtime, they don’t want the optics, but mostly because they do not have a plan.

Either way, these have been the most dangerous tours of my career.

9 thoughts on “Philadelphia 1682-2020

  1. People over on Twitchy are calling this a version of Kristalnaught. Wouldn’t surprise me, the Hungarian Jew that made $ betraying his fellow Jews to the Nazi’s learned a good lesson back in the 1930’s. Thank G-d creepy Joe is nothing like Adolph.


  2. A few minutes ago my wife called me. One of her LEO friends said they had info the “protesters” were going to “demonstrate” in our neighborhood.

    It may get interesting this afternoon. I’m glad I live in Texas and not NY or Ca or IL or MD or….

    Everyone try to stay safe.


    1. My old neighborhood had limited routes in and there were 5 active and a few more retired LEOs living there among the rest of us regular 2nd amendment types. I knew we had more guns than some small countries. I felt very safe. I moved to a new town last year and this morning, I went around the house and planned out what I would do to secure doors and windows from rioters and where I could shoot from different angles. I don’t think it would ever come to that, but I never thought I would have to go through that exercise either.

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  3. MelP – He’s just as unattached to reality, though.

    TXNick – A mob was protesting outside the building as I arrived for work. They eventually left, but things are still dicey; mostly because the city is letting them run rampant.

    Oh, and there are 91 unassigned jobs in the queue. I have to enter all of them today… which is not likely to happen.

    Proof – I will absolutely defend myself, my family, and passersby from these riotous thugs. The only reason these riots keep happening is because no Antifa pricks were punched yet.


  4. SitRep: Still very quiet and peaceful here. Just spoke with a few neighbors, we are ready for any idiocy. And my wife called to say the news has the protestors are on their best behavior. Maybe they realized the populace of this area of the Dallas area was noted for being the most heavily armed in the USA?


    1. My son called me last night. “Protests” were within two miles of his house east of Seattle. There are no black people protesting in the Seattle area, only white and masked communists aided and abetted by local criminals looking for a quick score. East of Lake Union, most of the people are conservative rednecks who own guns. Sure, there are also plenty of millenial Starbucks drinking libtards, but they don’t do anything other than vote stupid. Most of Washington and even Oregon is conservative, except the large liberal run cities.

      Antifa published plans on one of their Fakebook sites to attack the town of Snohomish, an upscale “white” town with a quaint little downtown. 200+ citizens armed with AR/AK style weapons met Antifa there, never pointing a weapon at anyone. While Antifa may look tough on TV, throwing milkshakes of concrete, bricks, or molotov cocktails and swinging chains, they changed their minds at the sight of a large crowd of armed rednecks, turned around, and left. Problem solved.

      The author of your piece is 100% correct about the “burbs.” I for one have no plans on asking anyone entering my neighborhood with violent intent to leave. I plan on communicating via other means with not a single statement made or question asked. I am fully aware of the consequences of such communication and those consequences will have no bearing on my immediate response.


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