To Die, To Sleep…

Sorry to have to do this, but I’m taking rest of the day off. It’s been three straight days of rioting, looting, burning, and assaulting in this awful, garbage town, and today is my first day off. I already went food shopping, and soon I’ll be taking a nice, long jog, then I plan on doing nothing at all.

Yep, today I am going to be a professional bum. It certainly works for Democrats.

Everything will be back to normal tomorrow, but today I am too exhausted and pissed off.

DISREGARD. I found a fabulous Darwin-esque riot post I’m releasing at 4pm. Trust me, it’s worth your time.

9 thoughts on “To Die, To Sleep…

  1. Put your head phones on, get some of your favorite music then close your mind & eyes to the world. Works for me.


  2. Morena Baccarin still does it for me more than anyone. (Well, except for my lovely bride.) But, Vica is very nice indeed. Looking forward to your Darwin post.


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